A spiritual poet who did not give titles to God

Very peculiar to the spiritual poetry genre, is the lack of the use of God’s name within the title and in the most part in the works. The one title You Personify God’s Message which has God in the title does not really address God, but rather addresses his message. There are a few conclusions that one can make from this apparent deliberate restraint.

The first conclusion that one can draw is that Jalaluddin Rumi did not use God’s name in his poems because he wanted the reader to be able to associate his teachings with whatever spiritual force or deity that he or she worshiped. Going back to the poem You Personify God’s Message, one can see that there is the presence of “you become the god you serve” found within the text. Although this may not have been the intention, one can surely make such a tie with his work.

The second analysis of his restraint would be more to the spiritual practices of that time. As a spiritual leader and a theologian, I am sure that Rumi held to the belief that God’s name was something sacred. Therefore, restraint from using his name in his poems was an act of honor and respect. He did not want to use the name in vanity.

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